A well-executed content marketing strategy has the power to cut through all the noise and put your company in front of your specific audience.

Content marketing isn’t about marketing yourself or your service, it’s about building a connection between yourself and your consumers by solving their problems and presenting them with information and interest issues they genuinely care about. A strong connection fosters brand loyalty and opens the conversation for valuable feedback and engagement with your all-too-important audience.

The most successful businesses in the digital economy are those with the most authentic, engaging narratives that speak directly to the consumers within their industry. At Creative Content, we are experts in crafting these narratives.

We will work in close partnership with your company to understand your philosophy and goals, along with the needs and mindsets of your audience. We develop powerful, memorable content that speaks directly to the audience, and ultimately ensure that your company is at the forefront of their minds.

Once we understand your business, we will identify stories that are newsworthy so we can craft a press release on topics to demonstrate your business authority.

We include our PR tactics as part of our content marketing strategy. So, each month we write a blog article for your business, and we assess whether it can also be used as a media release. A media release will give your business brand exposure and also delivers high-quality backlinks when the article is posted.

“With the help of Creative Content we are now pushing out a lot of content and gotten a lot of traction within the market.”

Ed Hayes Connect Accounting

We can create in-depth resources and tools to get your leads flowing. First we brainstorm ideas that will generate leads.

Then we build the assets, whether they be whitepapers, checklists, or calculator pages. Once built, these lead magnets will continue to bring in clients day after day.

“Creative Content was different from the other agencies because they started with an overall strategy before jumping straight to the tactics. This helped us understand the reasoning behind marketing strategies to make better decisions.”

Aaron Martin New Zealand Immigration Law

Creating good content serves no purpose if that content is not promoted.

We need to find ways to get other websites to share and use your content. When we create a content asset, we will look for ways to promote this content. We do this through outreach marketing, where we find other businesses to share your blogs and resources.

“The marketing expertise of Creative Content has added great value to my business, as I was not previously aware of what marketing could achieve. With their knowledge and experience, it has helped profoundly.”

Aaron Martin NZIL.