A well planned digital marketing strategy will help you utilise the right channels for promoting your business online. With so many options to choose from you need to know exactly which tools to use, how to use them and what to expect as realistic results from each tool.

At Creative Content we’ll help you to connect with your customers and clients in the exact right place and time. From social media, to SEO to Adwords, we help you understand the different digital marketing tools and how your business can successfully use them to engage with your audience.

We’ve worked with people who’ve tried to do AdWords by themselves and have been burnt in the past, so we make sure that it doesn’t happen again!

Google AdWords is a powerful marketing platform that can instantly position your business directly in front of your customers and drive paid traffic to your website. We’ll help you not only determine whether AdWords is the right fit for your business but also how to do it right.

“With the help of Creative Content we are now pushing out a lot of content and gotten a lot of traction within the market.”

Ed Hayes Connect Accounting

When it comes to SEO we focus your strategy on being simple and transparent, so that you can understand how SEO works and how your business can benefit from it.

We believe SEO goes hand-in-hand with engaging content, which means we’ll look at the best ways to optimise your content and website that will amplify your brand. We like to establish where you currently sit with SEO and then chat about your SEO goals and time line expectations.

“Creative Content was different from the other agencies because they started with an overall strategy before jumping straight to the tactics. This helped us understand the reasoning behind marketing strategies to make better decisions.”

Aaron Martin New Zealand Immigration Law

With social media now playing an avid role in our lives we’re now constantly connected no matter where we are.

Our team at Creative Content will take a look at your current presence online and determine the best ways to create and develop a relationship between your customers and your business. We’ll help you communicate through the right social channels to connect with your audience and create a plan that delivers consistent and highly engaging content, prompting the right actions.

“The marketing expertise of Creative Content has added great value to my business, as I was not previously aware of what marketing could achieve. With their knowledge and experience, it has helped profoundly.”

Aaron Martin NZIL.